Mg Développement products are Medical Devices specially developed for the maintenance and hygiene

of Hearing Systems. They correspond to European directive 93/42/CE concerning Medical Devices.


Mg Développement products are safe for use with hearing systems (biocompatibility tests)

and the different formulas used have been developed to minimise the risk of allergy in hearing aid users.



Drying Capsules

Used every day, they absorb any moisture present in your hearing aids.

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Drying Capsules


Same use as normal drying capsules but with longer life and greater absorption capacity.

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Air Spray 150 ml

Its high pressure propellant ensures quick and efficient

cleansing and dehumidification of your hearing aid.

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Air Blower

Removes all water and moisture from the tubes of the earmolds.

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This Medical Device thoroughly dries Hearing aids and their electronic components, extending their lifespan and maintaining their performance.


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PerfectDry LUX®

The PerfectDry Lux® is an Medical Device for the maintenance and the storage of all types of hearing aids, through a combination of an air fan dehumidifier system and 360° UV-C radiation.

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